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Monday, May 18, 2015

The Cassini Fog less Shower Mirror 


I found something I've been looking and hoping for, for a long, long time.  Do you ever get out of the shower in the morning and despite the fan running, now, when you want to do something like shave or put conditioner in your hair, you can't see the mirror. You know if you swipe it, whoever cleans it is going to nail you for smears,  but you do it anyway. Despite that, it starts to re fog and all of a sudden, ow, yikes, another cut as you reach for the toilet paper, or you can’t see where you conditioned because the mirror is fogged over again, There's got to be another way, right?

   I dye my hair every six months or so, (shhhh!) I have a walk-in tub as I am handicapped. To go in and out of the tub is easier than a regular tub, but still, if your joints ache you don’t want to do that more than once. So getting in and out and in and out to dye, to wait, to rinse, then again, to condition and then to actually bathe, It becomes quite a workout. To hold a mirror in the tub is a slippery danger. So I stay in the tub, myself, feeling, hoping, praying that I covered my hair all evenly and haven't left my dark brown hair, or worse, my gray, sticking right out there. Wouldn't it be great if there was a mirror that you could actually see yourself in without fear of it falling and breaking, fogging?

Well the wait is over. Cassini Fogless Shower Mirrors have made a mirror that will not fog while you are shaving, dying your hair or doing whatever else you do while you are in the bath or shower. It won't fog as you try to put on your makeup after a shower or bath. After awhile you won't even think about how miraculous it is.


There is another advantage for the guys. To get a great, close shave, the secret is to keep their skin wet. To keep it wet, the best place to shave would be the shower. The Cassini Fogless Shower Mirror can be hung in the shower to do just that. It can be hung at your perfect height with the metal hooks that come with it. It even comes with a hook on which to hang your razor. The Cassini people thought deeply about the design of this fog less mirror. What's more it is oval shaped like a persons' face so that it makes the most of visible mirror space.

Do you have to wait for the future to get one? NO, you can go to http://www.amazon.com/Fogless-Shower-Mirror-Nanotechnology-Exclusive/dp/B00CNOUZE2/

 http://www.amazon.com/Fogless-Shower-Mirror-Nanotechnology-Exclusive/dp/B00CNOUZE2/ and get one today! No more cuts shaving, no more spotty dyes, or crooked make-up. Cassini Fogless Shower Mirrors are here.

 Disclosure:  I received this mirror as a gift from the sponsor in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own,










What does this mirror have to do with crafting or creating?

It is what you do when you look in the mirror and put on your make-up or shave. You create or craft your look. The Cassini Fogless Mirror can also be taken off the wall and used to help you see how some newly designed necklace looks on you.  Or if you stencil, how it will look in the mirror. It might even make a good skating rink in your miniature Christmas village, but it works and is meant for

using in a foggy bathroom when you need to see.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Creativity of a Different Kind: LUCID 8 IDLE REVOLUTION



Usually I talk of "CREATIONS" that are mine or others in the venue of being an arts and crafts, but this site is a call to creativity of all kinds. So today, I would like to suggest another area of creativity: Music.  Soothes the soul and the raging beast. Here is a review of a new group. All opinions here, as always are my own. This music was given to me as a gift for review on my blogs.


While listening to music this afternoon, I discovered Lucid 8 and their album, Idle Revolution. This group is very different in several ways. One is that each song did not sound like the last one played, as can often happen in one album. In fact, some of the songs weren't completely in the same genre.  Each song could fit into a different grouping.  What I mean is when I listened to the first track, “Normalcy Bias” I felt I could have been listening to Metallica. The start of soft keying that builds and burst forth in feelings of urgency combining with words that call us to action, to be conscious about what we are doing, what they are doing, to rise above it and see things for what they really are.
 “The Truth”, the second track, something in the rhythms made me think of Korn. The music and song making me feel the anger of the artist at the lies that he’s been told and that he can’t trust anything that is said anymore.
 The song "The Only One" reminded me of Mellencamp’s Jack and Diane, because of the light bounce in the music, a part that included rhythmic clapping. In that and the words led me to feel the excitment of meeting someone for the first time and that it might be love at first sight, and hoping, begging “let me be the only one”. “Pieces” shined, in parts, of glorious moments of Three Doors Down. Light, yet conveying joy and celebration of having a special one in your life and a true promise that they will always be “a piece of my heart’.
By this time, I’m beginning to realize the various feelings the songs have evoked in me: “The Road” through word and music conveys the yearning for a loved one while your work takes you on the road. “Cliche” gives a feeling of warning not to “fill up the spaces with so called wisdom of cliches”, and is backed by “Lucidity” another quiet but urgent call to be sure you are seeing what is really happening around us.
 This leads to the album title song, “Idle Revolution”. The music took me back to Green Day with a tender guitar and piano interludes. I began to understand the culmination of all the songs on this album and the music and words as a call to be lucid, conscious, to stand up for what we believe in, to examine our thoughts because what we have learned may be lies. We may have become too willing to believe our thoughts, our faults so much, that we don’t want to admit they may be wrong. It is time for us to look outside and around us and change what is not right in an “Idle Revolution”  
I realize that in this review, I have made many comparisons to other groups. I am by no way, saying they are copying others, not at all. I mean THIS IS A MULTI TALENTED GROUP that gives you many choices in one production album.  If one song is not your taste, listen to another, they will eventually please you. As for me, I love all kinds of music from heavy metal to country to classical and all that in between. I felt I could go to different songs to suit my different moods. I love the call to consciousness throughout the album that results in an “Idle revolution” for the betterment of life.
 I can’t wait to listen to their other works. (two previous albums) With each song, you can’t be sure what you get until you listen. I haven’t fallen for a group in quite awhile.  It’s time and this one is it, LUCID 8 - Idle Revolution. It’s the beginning of something really great! Don’t miss it. Here’s the link where you can find Idle Revolution and Lucid 8’s other albums:  http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00K5RVUAW/http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00K5RVUAW/

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Spring How To Make A Polymer Pendent of the Earth

Polymer Earth Pendent

Promised you a DIY Earth Pendent made from polymer clay. Also #Crowdtap just happened to ask for a Spring DIY. Since Earth Day and Week falls in the spring, I decided to also share this with my friends at Crowdtap http://www.crowdtap.com

What is Crowdtap?  It is a neat site where brands and consumers come together to discuss what works and what doesn't. Sometimes brands will give away a ton of what they make for the members to share at a party with their friends.  Members do surveys and fun activities, like this one, to earn points. For every 100 points your name gets put into a drawing for prizes like Amazon or Walmart gift cards. Sometimes it is for a huge product, like a power washer from Zep Cleaning Solutions. It changes all the time and its fun. It is also a good place to say what you really think about products. And you know what? THEY LISTEN. Last month I won $40 in gift cards. woohoo  I'll let  you know what the end of April brings.

THE TUTORIAL for DIY Earth Pendent


I placed the picture order starting at the top and going down the right side of the large finished Earth pendent. 1. Your supplies, clay,foil, roller, chain, loop for chain 2. roll clay into a ball 3. flatten with your fist or roller and it flattens in its round shape. If it is lopsided, don't worry. The Earth actually is a little bit an oval more than a circle. 4. Write your name or date on the back and punch a hole, large enough to accommodate a large ring. 6. Roll green clay into a ball. 7. Flatten until it is thinner than the circle for the earth. 8. Cut continent or green land out of the green. 9.Press carefully onto the blue earth. If you want clouds or icecaps do the same with white polymer clay.  Bake on foil, on a cookie sheet for 15 minutes at 240 degrees Fahrenheit.  When it is done, it should still hold its color and feel like plastic .  Let cool completely before you slip on the ring. Slide the chain or string or leather through the ring.  Tie a knot for closure of you can use claw closures which can be found at any craft store.

Don't over bake or put on too high a heat. I forgot that it was 240 degrees and put them on 350!! for l5 minutes. I got the Earth after Armageddon OR girl scout mint cookies! Pendents are NOT EDIBLE.  They make a nice project for kids in school, and are a nice remembrance of Earth Day.



Friday, April 24, 2015

Earth Day Crafts I have found and created!

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Tuesday, March 31, 2015



Here are a few of my crafts for Easter, and I'm working on more!

Welcome to Spring!

Using lettering and flags from Silhouette America, I cut those out on my Portrait machine and glued them on a chunk of Styrofoam that I hid away for crafting. I covered it first with contrasting green paper.  The cutout flowers are from a #Michaels sale that I painted and glittered in the center.  It fits on narrow ledges and welcomes everyone for Spring and Easter.  Behind it are a lamp and two vases I probably should have put away.

What's that in front you ask?  It is a panoramic egg.  I took a Styrofoam egg, that I bought from #Michaels, cut it in half and carved out until it was hollow.  I decorated the inside with bunnies, chicks, eggs and the top as the sky. I then glued the halves together, and I decorated the outside of the egg with lace and jewels.  Now that I am into polymer clay, I am thinking, perhaps I can do another but make the outside look like real candy. Want a peek inside?   I will post that picture tomorrow.  I know it is on my Terra, but I wanted to get my Easter ideas out to you.

Next is my egg wreath.  I made two of these last year and they have disappeared. No one could find them. hmmmm The only difference was that I made them without the bunny. I find the Styrofoam wreaths to be so expensive for my budget so I use the cardboard at the bottom of the water bottles.  I wrapped green yarn around the ring I cut. Then added a multi-colored yarn on top to give it some pizazz.  The 'chocolate' bunny is cut from a Silhouette Portrait pattern out of, what else, but chocolate brown paper and given the traditional eye. Design by Lori Whitlock of Silhouette America. I love it. It is so real and with less than half the calories of a real chocolate rabbit! 

I'm not done decorating by far and will bring you updates and more how to pictures than I usually do.  I plan to make felt eggs (My first attempt at felt anything!) Pom Pom eggs, Simple Yarn Carrots and a framed button egg. Fun FUN.

Painted Plastic Eggs and a Paper Chocolate Bunny
Easter's On It's Way!


Saint Patrick's Day Crafting

I have been working on St Patrick's Day Crafts and thought I'd share them with you.  I have been using my #Silhouette Portrait and cutting/assembling projects.

I made shamrock bands for my no flame candles and they looked awesome with the candle on.
I spread this cloth out on a side table in our dining room and framed a page of subway art which stood near the candles.

A center piece for our March dining table was a rather complicated piece from #Snapdragon Snippets, a designer of Silhouette America . When it came together, I fell in love with it. It is a little box card with a cute leprechaun popping out of a lucky box, covered with shamrocks.  I stored it in a separate box to keep it safe for next year.  I also pulled out my wreath from last year and too late realized the shamrocks were faded. It will need a redo before it gets packed away.   

Design by Snapdragon Snippets

St. Patrick's Day Wreath with Leprechaun Hats, Lucky Coins and Pots of Gold. 


I like to do my own ideas but sometimes doing the things done by #Silhouette America can spur a few ideas in my head. I am working on making a little leprechaun as a tabletop display.  Although the holiday is over, I will share that with you in an upcoming blog. In addition, I have more Silhouette paper crafts for St. Patrick's Day. I may let work on those as well just so I can be early for a change. Here's hoping!



Thursday, February 19, 2015

Gorilla For My Birthday

Me (the gorilla) and Gina on my 20th Birthday

My friends at #Crowdtap asked me to tell a story about me and my BFF. To tell a funny story about something that happened to us both. Immediately, what came to mind was my 20th Birthday. I wanted it to be memorable and fun. What could be more memorable and fun than A GORILLA! Although this is not about crafts, it is about being creative and making your own fun.

I decided to rent a gorilla suit and walk down, Wisconsin Avenue in downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Wisconsin Avenue is the heart of Milwaukee and cuts through the Marquette University Campus where I worked as a secretary by day, went to college evenings and worshipped at Gesu Church. Well I did more than worship at Gesu Church. It was where I hung out. Yes, at a church. I attended liturgies, was an Eucharistic Minister, got to know what the Jesuits were about and adapted their mindset. To explain that would be another post as long as the bible. I tell you this because it will become critical to our story. I had gotten to know most of the Jesuits who lived there, and they got to know me, as this quiet, reverent, spiritual, shy, young woman who silently went about her business at church. Hold onto that image as we pursue the gorilla for my birthday.

I decided to rent that Gorilla suit and picked it up immediately after work on my birthday, and headed to my apartment at 24th and Wisconsin. I called my friend Gina, a wonderfully eccentric woman who was as alive and fun loving as myself. I was chickening out of my birthday celebration and realized, I needed a partner in this crime.  She was more than happy to join me. We walked out and down the street, me swaying and hanging arms over, hands dangling as a gorilla would, but giggling as a gorilla wouldn't.  People looked and laughed and Gina explained, "It's her birthday!"

Gina had a stroke of genius, and suggested we visit the nearby 7/11 to buy, of all things: Bananas! We went into the 7/11, and I could only guess what the clerk was thinking, including all the times that corner store had been robbed. I grabbed a bunch of bananas and through $3 on the counter and wawangled my way out of the store. The first people we met were a couple, young students from Marquette and I hyped up my woo wooo woo and gave them a banana.  They laughed so hard. Next we ran into some men who took their drinking very seriously and had turned it into a lifetime career. Frightened, the old man cursed at me, er ah, hmm, the gorilla. Gina and I kept going, laughing all the way down the street. What next?

Let's go to the Marquette Campus! What a wonderful idea!! Let's go where allot of our friends were. We made our way to the Onion, the center of campus and simply walked into the large ballroom. Oh my my my, it was student/parent orientation night!  The orientation was run by Father A. who recognized Gina. We were dancing to the music, handing out bananas, woo woo wooing and having a great great time. Fr. A. laughing but concerned approached this unplanned gorilla and wanted to know who it was. Gina did not tell but we left out the back door, after giving Fr A. a banana and half a heart attack. The parents and students thought it part of the party.

We made our way to the church and the Jesuit Rectory. As Gina and I were deeply involved in the events of the Gesu Church, we literally hung around the parking lot, in the trees occasionally alarming students, parents and Jesuits.  Fr. J came to his window and called out. Gina only told him it was my birthday. Who is that?  A car of other Jesuits we knew drove into the parking lot, slowly, then slower.
Cautiously they parked and got out of the car. They saw Gina and pressed her to tell who it might be, but she did not. By this time, on a hot August night, I was sweating heavily and needed to air out the head of this beast.

When I removed the head, jaws dropped, heads shook as they could not believe who was under this monkey prank. It was quiet, gentle, shy, and composed, ME!!  From that day on, everyone knew that I had an entirely different side that they never suspected. They laughed so hard, they cried and wished me a happy birthday. Some shook the gorilla's paw, others dared to hug this hairy thing. The next work day at Marquette, it was all over campus about the gorilla who had crashed parent/student orientation night by dancing its way through the door handing out bananas for admission.  My boss, a Jesuit as well came into work with his traditional "another beautiful day" but stopped and asked if I had monkeyed around this weekend.  Busted! The President of the University, stopped in and warned certain young ladies about crashing parties on campus, laughing and telling others that "we have to watch that one; it's always the quiet ones!" And Fr. A, well he never looked at me the same again. He would joke with me every time he saw me rather than this restricted nod.

I never would have done it if it wasn't for Gina. She still lives in Milwaukee, WI and takes care of my cat Powder. We are still very good close BFF's, thanks to the internet, for all the laughing and crying we ever did when we were together.  Both of us would rather laugh and be silly, than quiet and regretful. I love you Gina and I think its time to get together and monkey around once again! woo woo woo arckkk